There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot , but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.
-Pablo Picasso

Javed Akhtar , Arundhati Roy , Birju Maharaj , Albert Einstein , Taylor Swift , Opera Winfrey, Newton and many more  are the ones whom we look as our inspiration .They are as normal as we are , still they are not like  most of us.   Since the time we are born , we have the greatest ideas about how we will change the world , but with time we end up satisfying ourselves with what we have. In short , our creativity either gets hidden or can’t get tapped.

Creativity works on divergent thinking abilities that are Fluency , Flexibility , Originality and Elaboration .

Following are some of the ways you can still enhance your creativity.

1.Self awareness and sensitivity

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Become aware and sensitive to notice sounds , sights , feelings around you . Cultivate habit of reading and develop art of questioning and generate as many ideas on a given task and increase flexibility in your thinking.



It allows mind to think freely and judgement is postponed  so as to increase flow of ideas and imagination is given priority. You may use checklists for new ideas like ,  what else? In how many ways it can be done ? and so on.

3. Being original


Creative thinkers don’t evolve new ideas , they evolve combination of ideas. The concept of rocking chair must have come from combination of ‘chair’ and ‘see-saw’. Allow conflicting thoughts to co-exist. Look for solutions opposite to obvious ones and you will get an original one.

4. Think of possible ideas



Never accept the first idea . Think of more possible ones and then select the best among them as many ideas die because we think it to be a silly one.

5.Self evaluation

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Resist temptation  for immediate success and cope with the conflicts and failure to get the best alternative. Encourage self evaluation.

6.Allow time for incubation

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Allow time for incubation between stage of production of ideas and evaluation stage of ideas . You may get an AHA! moment . Give your ideas chance to incubate.

7. Think out of the box

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Imagine causes and consequences of things that have never happened , like what would happen if there would be no zero , or what if time moved backways. An idea that’s not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.

8. Believe in you

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Most importantly , be self-confident and positive . Never undermine your creative potential . And enjoy your creation no matter what because the worst enemy of creativity is self doubt.

So , here you know now ? So don’t sit just like that and it’s high time you get started because Creativity needs courage.

If you have some other tips to increase creativity , then do comment .                                                        You must read :

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