Psychology is a very interesting subject until you don’t make it boring by just theoritisizing the concepts. Make it clear by applying that knowledge to make it interesting. In this series of BRAIN GAMES , we’ll gonna tell you some interesting facts while just playing it just like that !!                         BRAIN GAMES (PART 1) – STROOP EFFECT

So, let’s start with our game – The Stroop Effect                                                                                                Look at the words given below and say the colors in which the words are written .

                              ORANGE           GREEN                  BLUE                 YELLOW                                                                                                                    BLACK                RED                    PINK                 BROWN                 

Did you find any difficulty to read the words ? Seems damn easy ha ?

Now , once again look at these set of words and say the color in which the words are written .

                       HOUSE                   PENCIL                 LOVE                FLOWER                                                                                                                      BOOK              COMPUTER                 WOMEN            CLOCK            

How was it difficult to recognise and say the colors of the words written above . It wasn’t that tough, but you must have concentrated on the color aspect more than the meaning or the associations of the word you see .           

Now , there’s another set of words below. Look at them and say the colors in which the words are written .

                    PINK                    RED                   GREEN                BROWN                                                                                                                   YELLOW             WHITE                  BLUE                 BLACK

Is it that easy to recognise and say the colors as it was in first two tasks ? In this task , you must have had this problem of reading the text rather than the color. If the word PINK is written in BLUE , most of us has this tendency to read what the word says rather than the color the word is written in. Amazing no !!

J.Ridley Stroop ( 1987 ) did the same experiment on his participants testing the way in which individuals focused their attention . This phenomenon is called the STROOP EFFECT .

But why Stroop Effect occurs , we try to explain this by two theories developed by him.

1) Speed of Processing Theory – Interference occurs as we tend to read the words much quicker since reading the color of the word is a complex task.

2) Selective Attention Theory – Interference occurs as reading the color requires much more attention than reading the words .


Stroop effect has been used in many clinical and psychological applications : to determine severity of brain damage , dementia , Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, alcoholism, addictions. Research shows slowed brain processing can be tested by manipulating words . Some tests have variations that reverse letters to gain much more insight into brain function .

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Stay tuned for more upcoming brain games.