Life is full of adventures. It’s unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen next. Every second even if we are sleeping , we think of things that we should be doing: a perfect lifestyle , a perfect job , good grades and what not. Amidst this , we forget to take out time for ourselves.

I’m not saying you should have an adventurous all depends on you. But experiencing some of these adventures will definitely help you gain an insight and help you explore your inner personality.



Where: Kulonia tover , Venezuela                 Uttrakhand, India                              Utah, USA

Para-gliding is an adventurous as well as a competitive sport. The lifetime experience you get from this is just so unforgetable. The feeling of being on top of the world inbibes confidence that YES if you can do can do anything.



Where: Andes, Peru                                          Mt. everest , Nepal                           Mt. Elbrus, Russia

Climbing up a mountain isn’t that easy . With the excitement comes all the physical challenges as well as psychological challenges whether you will be able to cope up with all the stress. The technical challenges sometimes exceed the environmental challenges.                     And if you can overcome them , trust me can do anything.

3. Bungee-Jumping


Where: Macau tower , China                         Rishikesh , Uttrakhand,               India                                                               Taos , New Mexico

This sport full of adventure which people from all over the world die to experience once in a lifetime. The free falling from a height of about 3200 ft. is damn thrilling yet inbibes a feeling of courage and belief in yourself.

4. Scuba -Diving


Where: Yongala, Australia                               Andaman and Nicobar                     Islands , India                                        Kailua Kona , Hawaii

Have you ever stepped into some other world never experienced before? If haven’t , then you don’t need to step out of Earth simply haven’t done scuba diving . The natural world untouched by human cruelty definitely will not only be full of excitement but will lead you into meditation and introspection.

So if you are searching for something exciting yet worthy in life , go on and try these adventures once in a lifetime.


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