LIFE is a movie wherein GOD is the Director and we, humans are the actors.

WHAT IS ?? is not merely a blogging website but a platform to express anything and everything that matters you and us. Justdontmind provides quality information on areas such as :





This category is based on PSYCHOLOGY – a scientific study of human mind and behavior. This is one of the youngest fields of science which is growing at a rapid pace now-a-days because of so many issues that are coming outside the restricted zone of taboo slowly and steadily. Still, as an applied¬† field, it’s not getting the recognition it should get. JustDontMind aims to create awareness about mental health in an interactive way which will surely gonna help you in gaining an insight to your experiences.


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We believe in adopting smart habits to lead a smart life. Our habits/ lifestyle is something that can either make us rise or make us fall. JustDontMind offers you with so many life hacks, motivational information, facts and tips on how to lead a smart life.

3.  ART

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Art is a concept of expression of human mind, beliefs, thoughts, ideas in a creative manner that is found in each culture and each society. Various forms of art are Fine Arts, Sculpture, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre and Puppetry and many more. JustDontMind is a platform that connects you to whatever artistic field you are passionate about. Explore your passion and find the artist in you.


Culture refers to shared beliefs, thoughts, ideas of a group of people living together. Our world has various cultures across different countries with some distinctive features. Know and explore the varied cultures around the world.


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“Job fills pocket, but travel fills soul.”

For others travelling is a waste of time, but for some, it’s their life, passion. JustDontMind is one such hub wherein you can know about your favourite destinies in world and what other places around the world have to offer you.

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