College life is a journey , it all depends on what you want to make out of it , just to get an academic degree or to explore the world and your potential.                                                                                          There are two types of people: 1) Yar aaj mood kharab ho rha hai , college nhi jana .                                                                                       2) Yar aaj mood kharab ho rha hai , mai college jaa rha hu.

For some, college life is all about taking lectures and completing all the assignments. 84% students who attend lectures do so not to gain knowledge but to get attendance and end up making their college life boring.                                                                                                                                                    So here are some suggestions for you to make your college life awesome before it’s too late.

1. College cultural societies / Clubs / Sports teams

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In every college , you  can find so many cultural societies like dramsoc , dancesoc , debsoc , fineartssoc , poetrysoc ,music bands and clubs (social or departmental ) , sports and many more. Being a part of any society or club and taking part in various competitions in itself is like exploring one’s potential apart from academics. Not only you get to be with friends all the time , but helps you in leadership , managements skills and enhancing your social skills.

2. A quality friend circle

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It is very important to choose the social circle you want to be in . Making friends is really important. You get all the notes even if you don’t attend lectures. But make those a your true friends whom you matter the most. Being with whom , you feel like home and can trust .

3. Outstation trips


Being with your group , making an outstation trip can really teach you alot from being independent away from your parents , knowing other people in a better way and making one of the memorable experiences of your college life.

4.Inter-college fests / events


You get to enjoy a lot of fun activities , competitions , a lot of food stalls with different recipes . You get to meet new people with different colleges and having different ideas and interests helps you in better understanding of yourself as well .

5. Part time jobs / internships


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Not only you have to enjoy with friends to make the best memories , you got to be selfish as well when it comes to investing your time in quality things . College fun will land you up nowhere if we talk of career . So , it’s wise to be involved in short-term certificate courses , part-time jobs to get earnings to be independent to some limit . Get yourself a perfect bio-data (CV) so that you don’t have to regret in future of wasting your time.

It’s always wise to keep a balance between your academics and the time you invest in following your passion and fun activities. Life has given one phase of college life  , make it worthful and memorable .

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