How to avoid conflicts in a group


We all are different in terms of height , complexion , size and our thinking process . Thus , when in a group setting , it’s quite impossible to have no clash of opinions/conflicts . Each has his own point of view and perception. Thus , it’s obvious that conflicts will arise at some point of time.

Reasons for group conflict

  • Lack of communication and faulty communication
  • Feelings of deprivation and discontentment
  • Desire for retaliation
  • Biased perception
  • Competition over scarce resources

To reduce the inter-group conflict , a number of strategies have been suggested by the psychologists.

1) Respect each other’s norms 

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We need to respect and be sensitive to the norms of various social , ethnic groups especially in a pluralist society like India . Because of this insensitivity , communal riots have taken place.

2) Through education


Through educating people from the beginning by changing their perceptions through media and portrayal of groups differently in society and by promoting empathy for others can surely help .

3) Increase intergroup contacts

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By involving groups on some occasions like community projects, events , they get to work together and appreciate each other. This reduces the chance of conflicts. Example- Inviting different political parties on a Polio Pulse Day by an NGO.

4) Negotiations



Through negotiations by third party interventions, mediators and warring groups , mutually acceptable solutions can be found. This requires trust and understanding. Example – Judiciary acts as a mediator when conflict arises between executive and legislative.

5)  Introduce superordinate goals

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A superordinate goal helps in mutual benefit to both the parties which increases cooperation . Example – A teacher may pair up two students who don’t like each other for a group project as benefit of one leads to other’s benefit which leads to cooperation.

6) Redistribution of resources


By redistributing the societal resources based on principles of justice ( equality, need, equity) , conflict can be reduced  . If there’s equality in every aspect , groups won’t compete for the resources and competition will be reduced.

It’s high time we start realizing how small conflicts can lead to disasters. Thus , we must take initiative to make world a better place to live in.

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