With the evolution of human race , he started learning and evolving techniques to save themselves from any external attack from another community or territory. The following  MARTIAL ARTFORMS were never made within a night..but took a lot of years to evolve and get recognition and now students from all over the world are learning these art forms; some as passion ; some as a sport or career while some learn to apply them in their daily lives.



1. Karate

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It’s an unarmed martial art form from Japan which involves punching , kicking  and blocking with counter strikes . It has two parts : Kata ( movement performance) and Kumite ( fights and bouts).

2. Judo

                                                                       Source :https:// youtube.com

Judo is derived from Jijutsu created by professor Jigoro Kano in Japan . It’s also an unarmed martial art which involves basically making the opponent fall at back of his body .


Source :https://www.telegraph.co.uk

It’s derived from Korean word :Tae meaning foot , Kwon meaning fist and DO meaning way of . So , this art form involves only use of foot and fists to make kicks in order to counter back.


4. Jujutsu



                                                                          Source : https://usadojo.com

It is a  Japanese martial art which enables a non-weapon or a short weapon person to fight with an armoured opponent. It uses the techniques of joints , locks , kicks , throwing ,biting ,striking ,kicking etc to use the opponent’s energy against him .





It is a traditional martial art and a full contact Chinese sport developed after 1949 . It has two disciplines : Taolu , involving martial art patterns for which they have to be judged and Sanda , a modern fighting sport influenced by chinese boxing.


Sources : https://www.bbc.com

Sumo is a Japanese wrestling sport where one rikishi (wrestler) has to push another  one out of a circular ring . Life of a wrestler is regulated by Japan Sumo Association where all aspects from meal to dressing is dictated by them.

So if you haven’t learned any of them , it’s the righ time to learn atleast one as it will teach you to be disciplined as well as helps in maintaining a good health.


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